Sat Nam Fest Puerto Morelos

Imagine dancing freely on the beach of Mexico, with sand between your feet and feeling the sun in your hair, mantras resonate in your ears and on your lips – surrounded by all your Kundalini community, meditating together while the music of the waves merges with the music of the stage. Visualize yourself awakening to ambrosial hours watching the sunrise while hundreds of yogis sing the mantras of Aquarian sadhana. Imagine days full of happiness while you practice Kundalini Yoga, relax on the beach and explore everything the area has to offer.

Make this dream come true and discover the beauty of your true self in the sacred lands of the Mayan Riviera at Sat Nam Fest Puerto Morelos!

Whether you are an experienced yogi or your first time practicing Kundalini Yoga, you can create the perfect yogic experience in Sat Nam Fest. With a variety of teachers, workshops, and different types of classes, you will find what is truly for you. Join a powerful Yoga class with live music, or a much more relaxed meditation class. Let your heart be your guide!

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Headed to or from Puerto Morelos?

Home to a marine terminal considered one of the largest and most important in the area, Puerto Morelos is both a tourism hotspot and a major center of commerce. GO Cancun Airport Shuttle can help provide airport transportation to Puerto Morelos and cross the Yucatan Peninsula.

Event Details

Sa Nam Fest Puerto Morelos 2017

Yoga! Sing! Dance!
Meditate . Celebrate

November: 6th – 11th, 2017

Sat Nam Fest Puerto Morelos
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