Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find STP Caribe at the airport?
How much time in advance should I make my reservation?
If my flight changes or is delayed when the office is already closed What number can I dial?
How much time does it take to travel to my hotel?
If my reservation is last minute and I do not pay on the STP website, how can I pay?
Can I pay in cash on arrival and in what kind of currency?
Can we add a last minute person at the airport?
Can I make a stop to buy things at a supermarket on the way to our destination?
If I have equipment for Scuba Diving, Golfing Gear, Fishing Rods, Surfboards or similar items can they be transported?
Is it possible to transport pets in the vehicle?
Is the Wi-Fi service on board an extra cost?
Is it possible to smoke on in the transportation vehicles?

General Information

Arriving at the Airport of Cancun (CUN)

The day of your arrival we will be monitoring your flight all day trough , this way we will have your transportation ready when you arrive. Please don’t worry about delays, arriving early or any minor changes we will know exactly at what time you will be landing in Cancun. If your flight changes and you are arriving in a totally different flight at a totally different time, or any flight cancellations then please call our office from the US and Canada at 011 52 998-883-9830 and let us know the new flight information, we will update your arrival and move your vehicle to the new time or date without any penalties.

Upon arriving at CANCUN, you will be in the process of clear Mexican Immigration and Customs authorities. This process can take between 20 minutes to 45 minutes or even more depending on how many flights are on ground. The whole arrival procedure, immigrations, baggage claim and customs inspections, can take a long while specially on Saturdays and Holidays and be sure we know this and our representatives will wait for you as long as needed.

After that you must collect all of your baggage from Baggage Claim area and clear Custom area facilities you must go straight to Terminal Main door; on your way out you will see many boots or stand with people telling and yelling that they are official transportation of the Airport CAUTION: Those companies are time share vendors and offer free ride with “pack up” the vans with incautious passengers that want to save a few dollars. Now outside Airport Terminal Building look for the GO CANCUN AIRPORT SHUTTLE agent with the familiar GO green sign. After you contact our GO Agent he will call your van, which will be waiting for you in the nearby staging area, to the specific ramp for your immediate boarding.

Departure pick up time from your Resort

Departing pick up time from your resort destination is very important, normally Airlines and Airport authorities request that you and your family members be at Airport Terminal at least two ( 2 ) hours in advance of your departure flight time. Our reservation system will assigned pick ups considering the driving time from your resort plus the two hours that authorities will request off course witch can be change at your convenience.

Lost & Found

GO Cancun Airport Shuttle will not be liable for lost baggage since, baggage is never removed from the passenger’s presence, and is stored in the passenger compartment in which the passenger is riding. A passenger’s baggage remains, at all times, the responsibility of the passenger. In case that Airline lost your luggage Go Cancun Airport Shuttle will glad to assist you in any way possible. You must to provide to GO Representative a copy of your lost baggage claim.

If you just got off your Go Cancun Airport Shuttle van, and you believe that you left something on board, call Go Cancun Airport Shuttle Dispatch office by dialing 01 800 640 7505. We will attempt to intercept your van and try to find your missing articles. If you believe that you left something on a Go Cancun Airport Shuttle van and a day or more has passed by, contact our Customer Service department by email at [email protected] The most common items left on our vans includes jackets and sweaters, cell phones, and small carry-on bags. Please check to see that you have all of your belongings before you get off your van.

Additional Information

Why should I hire STP-Caribe as transportation service?
How do I make a reservation?
On date that I arrive, what will happens if my flight is delay?
How I locate STP Caribe at the Airport?
What is the meaning of STP-Caribe?

For getting from and to the airport, STP Caribe is the only way to GO!