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Valladolid & Chichen Itza - Photo Gallery

Valladolid - Additional Information

Pueblo mágico

Valladolid pueblo mágico also known as “la capital del oriente maya” has been named like this due to his interior and exterior beauty, its nature, archeology, gastronomy and religión. A day is not enough to see it all.

Convento de San Bernardino

The second biggest in the región, it is one of the seven that were built at the arrival of the franciscanos to yucatan land. Inside you can still see a few vestiges of the Catholic conversion.

San Servasio Church

Located right in front of the central park, at the center of the city, and rebuilt in 1703 after been profaned in “El crimen de los alcaldes” in which the mayors were killed inside the church.


The most amazing cenotes of yucatan are here. With curious legends and fresh wáter, just a few steps from one another. In them you can even enjoy the gastronomi of the área because some even have restaurants, like the Cenote Zaci. Others like the Cenote Suytun, are rounded by stalactites and shallow freshwater with fish, it gives space for a comfortable rest and great times.

Great Gastronomy

Between the famous dishes in here, you can find the Lomitos, made of tender pig meat, showered with red tomatoes sauce, or the chorizo that can accompany any meal, even though it is fabricated in many other places, here is were it started, so don’t miss the opportunity to try the original.

Its proximity from Chichen Itza and Ek Balam

Without a doubt Valladolid is the best place to stay if you are looking for an adventure. It makes a great start point to go to these places all day long and then get back to recharge energy to the next day.

Reserva del ria lagartos

A semi-closed water body connected with the Mexican Golfo, doted of freshwater due to springs and outcrops of peninsular groundwater . It’s the biggest nesting zone of the Pink flamingo.